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As a Pediatric Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Donohoe, DC, DICCP has specialized, advanced training and certification in the evaluation, care and management of health and wellness conditions specific to pregnancy, infancy, childhood and adolescence. He is able to provide primary, comprehensive, therapeutic and preventative chiropractic health care for expectant moms, and their children—newborns through adolescents.


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Veronica Donohoe

California Governor Brown signed into law SB277, which takes away rights of a parents to determine vaccination decisions for their children. This law makes ADMISSION to school/daycare conditional on children being vaccinated and the law takes away the Personal Belief Exemption (PBE) or Religious Exemption. There are more and more untested vaccines being added to the required schedule!

In 2011 California passed AB499, allowing children 12 and older to get all STD vaccines (Hepatitis B and HPV plus all the new ones) WITHOUT parental knowledge or consent!

Vaccines are medical drugs. Only parents should decide what drugs are administered to their children! Did you know that vaccine manufacturers have NO LIABILITY for injuries and deaths caused by vaccines?

It is not the question of whether vaccines are safe or unsafe. The greater question is how far can you allow the government to interfere in your children’s medical decision and undermine parental rights?

Thousands of parents all across Californians are fighting back. Help us get the SB277 Referendum on the Nov. 2016 ballot so We The People can vote, not politicians!

The goal of the Referendum is to terminate SB277 and to protect parents and their children. This referendum against SB277 is important to SO many parents of children who would otherwise hit the vaccine mandate at the start of the 2016 school year, because SB277 is slated to go into effect July 2016, right before the school year.

The SB277 referendum will immediately put a stop to that. If we get the signatures in the next couple of months, this will go to a November 2016 vote. ALL parents will be able to enroll their children in school even if they are in kindergarten or 7th grade in August/September 2016. So, pass or fail, the referendum effort WILL mean that thousands and thousands of kids will not have to be kicked out of school!

As a volunteer you will be helping collect signatures to get SB277 on the 2016 ballot. Please join us. We can’t do it without you.

For your convenience, we have the referendum available to sign in our office. Please stop in during normal business hours. You must be a registered voter. We have a computer set up at the front desk for use exclusively to check voter registration status.  If you are not, don't worry, we also have Voter Registrations available.

Chiropractic Management of “Growing Pains”

Veronica Donohoe

A fairly common complaint I see in my office is the ambiguous “growing pains”.  It occurs mostly in children from 3-9 years of age and then also in the pre-adolescent population.  It is known to occur in up to 20% of all children.  Although the incidence is high, the medical approach to treating the condition has not changed in decades.  It is pretty much a standard answer, “they’ll grow out of it”.  In this month’s column I intend to discuss the condition, it’s presentation, possible causes and the approach I use in the office to ease both the patient’s and the parent’s distress.

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Pregnancy & Chiropractic


Before this column delves into the conditions that affect children and how chiropractic and other natural healing methods can enhance their well being, I think we should give some special attention to the ones who make it all happen, the pregnant moms. Over the next couple of months I intend to discuss how to address some of the more common discomforts that this unique population may have to deal with. Much of the information I will share here comes from the booklet by Carl Jones of the same title. It is published as part of the Keats Good Health Guide, The Women's Self-Care Library...

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Well Baby Check Up


Birth is a time for trauma. Nine months in an uncomfortable position can create the beginning of future postural problems. In addition, pulling, twisting, pushing, forceps and vacuum extractions all cause trauma to the spine of a newborn creating subluxations and spinal cord damage that can be silent for years. The nervous system, made up of your brain and spinal cord, controls every function of the human body. Subluxations or interruptions of this communication network means your body can't function at 100%. This is not optimal health at less than 100%...

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Milk-Based Formula

-2 cups organic, certified clean raw milk or organic pasteurized, nonhomogenized piima milk, preferably from pasture-fedJersey or Guernsey cows

-¼ cup homemade liquid whey

-4 tablespoons lactose

-¼ teaspoon bifodobacterium infantis

- 2 tablespoons good quality cream (not ultrapasteurized)...

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Tips For Breastfeeding


- The right diet is the key to having a good supply of nourishing milk. It should be followed from before conception and contain high levels of healthy animal fats. Follow the suggestions given in the article about feeding babies and be sure to eat plenty of food. When you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is no time to diet!...

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Feeding Babies


Any effort to ensure optimal nutrition of your baby must begin long before he or she is conceived. The wisdom of primitive peoples is vastly superior to our own in this regard, in that a common practice among isolated groups is the feeding of special foods to both men and women for a period of time before conception occurs. Dr. Weston Price's studies revealed that these foods--including organ meats, fish heads, fish eggs, shell fish, insects and animal fats--were rich in fat soluble vitamins A and D as well as macro- and trace minerals. Couples planning to have children should eat liberally of organic liver and other organ meats, fish milk and...

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From Breast to Bowl


The introduction of certain foods at certain times is relative to the maturity of the digestive system. Children less than six months need only breast milk, not solids, as the infant's digestive system is not developed to maturation. If you start sooner, you may cause your child future food allergies. Since your child's taste buds will not develop until the eighth month, the feeding of your baby should be guided for nutritional purposes, not taste...

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