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As a Pediatric Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Donohoe, DC, DICCP has specialized, advanced training and certification in the evaluation, care and management of health and wellness conditions specific to pregnancy, infancy, childhood and adolescence. He is able to provide primary, comprehensive, therapeutic and preventative chiropractic health care for expectant moms, and their children—newborns through adolescents.


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Tips For Breastfeeding


- The right diet is the key to having a good supply of nourishing milk. It should be followed from before conception and contain high levels of healthy animal fats. Follow the suggestions given in the article about feeding babies and be sure to eat plenty of food. When you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is no time to diet!


- Avoid trans fatty acids, found in margarines, vegetable shortenings and almost all processed foods. Trans fats lower the overall fat content ofmother's milk, depriving the baby of important nutrients and reducing the chances for successful breastfeeding.


- Try to arrange to have good help for the first four weeks after the baby is born so that you will have adequate rest. Husband or partner, grandparents, relatives, friends, housekeepers or even a professional baby nurse should be on hand so that the nursing mother can concentrate on getting optimal nourishment and plenty of sleep.


- Fermented foods and beverages, and porridges of soaked grains, are said to increase milk supply.


- Consume plenty of liquids in the form of whole milk (preferably raw), stock or soups based on stock, and lacto-fermented beverages.


- If you have any qualms or fears about not having enough milk, assemble the ingredients for homemade formula, and purchase the Lact-aid breastfeeding support system so that you have what you need to provide a nourishing supplement, if that is required. The Lact-Aid allows you to breastfeed while giving a homemade supplement to your baby. Sometimes just a few days of supplementing using this device can increase milk flow, and just having the supplies on hand can be enough to give you the peace of mind that allows your milk to keep flowing. While you are pregnant, be sure to scout out the best quality milk available in your area-you will need this for yourself, and for the baby after weaning, even if the breastfeeding goes well.


- I, in spite of these measures, your milk supply is inadequate, don't feel guilty. Lack of adequate milk supply is relatively common, especially as baby grows and his appetite increases. You have done the best you could and your baby can still grow up healthy, strong and smart on a homemade, whole-food baby formula.