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About Us

Dr. Todd Donohoe has been in practice since 1997. He opened the doors to Donohoe Chiropractic two years later, building the practice from the ground up in the beautiful City of Murrieta. Dr. Kristine Wilder joined the team in 2016. Dr. Oldenburg Dr. Donohoe’s sister-in-law joined the team in 2018. Veronica, Dr. Donohoe’s wife, is our Office Manager- making us truly a family practice! Together, Dr. Donohoe and our amazing Associate Doctors are proud to deliver exceptional chiropractic care for the whole family with an emphasis on prenatal and pediatric care.

In 2016, we were fortunate to welcome Dr. Kristine Wilder to our team. Two years later, Dr. Valerie Oldenburg, Dr. Donohoe’s sister-in-law, joined us. Veronica, Dr. Donohoe’s wife, is our Office Manager – making us truly a family practice! Our most recent addition is Dr.Kameljit K Singh brings 15 years of experience providing excellent care with her. We can’t wait to meet you and your loved ones, get to know you and discover how we can help you.

We are an exclusively Activator Methods® practice. Activator Methods® is an instrument-based adjusting technique that is noninvasive and gentle enough for everyone from Newborns to Seniors. The effectiveness of Activator Methods is unmatched, delivering a precise adjustment every time without the negative effects of other forceful adjusting techniques.

Let’s Achieve Your Goals, Together

When you become a patient at our practice, you’ll have access to exceptional chiropractic care. As the leading chiropractic practice in Temecula Valley we strive to help you achieve the results you desire. We work with local practitioners in acupuncture, neurofeedback, physical therapy, birth professionals and more, and can co-manage your case when needed.

Chiropractic Goes Beyond Back Pain

Some people are surprised to learn about the diversity of patients and conditions that we address. You might think of chiropractic as a solution to back pain, neck pain or headaches. Though we have great success with musculoskeletal conditions, chiropractic can do far more for your family.

We’ve seen numerous people who were saved from having to resort to surgery. Moms who have been pulling their hair out because their baby is crying or won’t sleep have come to us for help. In a single visit, things can change, and the next day Mom calls us to say thank you for helping her baby be their cheerful, beautiful self again.

Get the Care You Need

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