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Lactation Consultations and Breastfeeding Support in Murrieta

To help you achieve your personal breastfeeding goals, we provide nurturing care, education and support. We strongly endorse breast milk as the optimal nutrition for newborns. TOTS- Tethered Oral Tissues, the assessment and diagnosis of the Tongue and Lip Ties in breastfeeding conducted by an expert in the field. Dr. Donohoe treats babies from all over Southern California seeking his help in diagnosis and swift resolution to common breastfeeding issues. His vast experience and knowledge make him the trusted choice of his chiropractic colleagues, Pediatric Dentists and Pediatricians from Riverside County to San Diego County. Every newborn should have a TOTS assessment as soon as possible after birth.

We also know that, while breastfeeding is natural, it is not always easy, and that each mother has unique circumstances. Our highly trained staff works with you to provide personalized support to meet your individual goals and needs.

Lactation consultations provide advice and hands-on help for anything about breastfeeding. In the beginning, they can help new moms with positioning baby, solving latch problems, or handling night feedings. Even after a mom has established breastfeeding, a lactation consultation can help with things like too much milk, too little milk, making the transition to work, or learning to pump.


Help for Mastitis

Breastfeeding evaluations are for any mom experiencing the pain that goes along with clogged milk ducts. An ultrasound machine is used to break up the clog and results in decreased pain and a return to normal flow of milk. It is most effective to have 3 consecutive treatments.
What is ultrasound therapy and how is it used for unblocking clogged ducts?
Beginning by lying down on a treatment table, we’ll get you comfortably positioned so we can access the clog. The ultrasound is gently moved around directly on the location of the clogged duct for 8-10 minutes. Research shows that the heat and mechanism of the therapeutic ultrasound resolves the clogged duct in that amount of time over the recommended three sessions.
At the end of your appointment we’ll send you home with instructions and/or supplements to continue relieving the pain and keep the milk flowing properly! We’ve had tremendous success and it is such an incredible offering for women who are experiencing pain and are concerned about the possibility of mastitis or have tried other remedies with no relief.
Please call for scheduling : 951-677-6500