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Dramatic Change Since Treatment

Dr. Donohoe is amazing he has helped two of my sons. One has a severe speech delay. After a few months his vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds. Proudly share his name to anyone I hear looking for a chiropractor.

Allison P.

Comprehensive Care

Dr. Donohoe is more than a Chiropractor! When my son was diagnosed with GI candida overgrowth, his pediatrician and dietician did not give me adequate support or a treatment plan that worked. We battled it for 18 months, with multiple trips back to the pediatrician, only to be left with questions unanswered and the problem not solved. We were referred to Dr. Donohoe and he gave us a comprehensive treatment plan and email support. The candida was GONE after 30 days! Proven by lab test. He has helped us continue to get through GI issues and food allergies/sensitivities as well as keep my littles aligned and healthy. They have never had to see that pediatrician for anything again, not even for a cold.

Patricia L.

Love the Care

Dr. Donohoe was recommended to me back in 2008 during my first pregnancy when my son was not head down. I went for three appointments and the baby turned and I was able to deliver him the way I had hoped too. Now, 7 1/2 years later my husband and I both see Dr Donohoe and he has seen all three of our children. We recommend Dr. Donohoe and his staff to our friends and family all the time because we love the care we have gotten here!

Sarah E.

Visible Improvement

Dr Donohoe helped my infant son with his reflux when nothing else was working (and, man, I tried everything). My child was visibly in less pain and was so much happier and calmer after his first adjustment with Dr. Donohoe.

Maren M.

Helped Our Family

Dr. Donohoe has helped our entire family, but I am especially grateful for the extra time he spent troubleshooting issues with my oldest son who was labeled ADHD.

Kristin H.

Very Happy Clients

Dr Donohoe is absolutely amazing! I first went to him when my 3rd baby was just a couple of months old and had horrible reflux. He was so gentle with her and really helped her tummy issues! Then he helped me all throughout my 4th pregnancy and after delivery. He is one of the reasons having a home birth was possible after 2 cesarians! My baby was adjusted by him when she was a week old. All 4 of my children and I see him on a regular basis. They have been seen for anything from injuries to ear aches. We’ve been very happy clients of his and his staff for 4 years and will continue seeing him for as long as we live here!

Brittany M.

Best in the Business

I have been taking both my girls (2 years and 11 months) to Dr. Donohoe since they were a week old!! He is so kind to my girls. He has a huge smile on his face every time we see him, and my girls gravitate to him like he’s the greatest person in the world. He is the best in the business because he is truthful about your condition and won’t just tell you to come back once a week to get your cash! I recommend him to every single mom I come into contact with. I will always take my kids to see him!

Kelsey A.

Great Community Resource

I’ve had the best treatment here! I had a breach baby and lots of hip pain during my 8 month of pregnancy. With just two adjustments the baby turned and my hip pain is gone. I’ve continued to see Dr Donahoe for the duration of my pregnancy and plan to have him see my baby after he is born as well. He is a great resource for our community

Loreal S.

Practice Goes Above and Beyond

Dr Donohoe and his team go above and beyond to accommodate you and your child/children’s needs. I’m a mother of 4 with the eldest being 26 and youngest 3 months so being of advanced maternal age with high risk pregnancy, excellent gentle chiropractic care was a must. Aches and pains were kept minimal and my body recovered so well after delivery. My youngest two girls get adjustments by Dr Donohoe and his gentle caring techniques make sure they are at optimal health. I highly recommend Dr Donohoe as his safe practices have had such a positive impact on our family

Corrina S.

Leave Feeling Great!

Dr. Donohoe is an amazing chiropractor that truly cares about his clients and community. He is the ONLY chiropractor in Temecula Valley’s that is double credentialed as a Pediatric & Pre-Natal Chiropractic Specialist. This is extremely important to me being that I saw him during my pregnancy. I wanted someone that was credentialed and had the pre-natal experience. After having my daughter I had lower back pain. It was great to have immediate relief after seeing Dr. Donohoe. I also had him see my baby girl. He is so gentle and knowledgeable. His office is clean, staff is friendly and I always leave felling great. Thank you Dr. Donohoe for all that you do!

Mary S.

Wealth of Knowledge

Dr. Donohoe has been able to help me feel comfortable and aligned through both of my pregnancies. I always leave feeling so much better and now he treats my toddler as well when she has tummy issues, a big fall, or anything else, and she absolutely adores him! He has also helped me with internal gut issues after his functional medicine training so we basically go to him for everything (: It’s just a bonus that his wife Veronica has also been available to chat when I have needed it and is a fountain of knowledge.
Lexi T.


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