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Pediatrics & Pregnancy in Murrieta

Dr. Donohoe has fully dedicated his practice to treating kids and pregnant women, exclusively. Experience for yourself why Dr. Donohoe is the doctor of choice for many of Temecula Valley’s OB’s, Pediatricians, Pediatric Dentists, Midwives, Doulas, IBCLC’s and birth educators.

Dr. Donohoe’s schedule books up weeks in advance, however, due to the nature of his patient’s needs, Breech Presentation Moms and any infant with breastfeeding difficulties, Lip or Tongue Ties will be always be seen within 48 hours. Please be sure to let our staff know your circumstance so that we may expedite your appointment.

Feeling Relaxed and Enjoying Pregnancy

Many expecting moms have aches and pains in the low back, sciatica or synthesis pubis dysfunction. Most people believe it can’t be helped. We know, however, that you can thrive and enjoy this time in your life, rather than be held back by limitations.

Another benefit of pregnancy chiropractic care is that when you’re functioning at an optimal structural and neurological level, your labor and delivery can occur as they should. Some of our moms have reported that their birthing process took only 3-4 hours, progressing smoothly and ideally. If your baby isn’t in the proper birthing position as the due date nears, we can work with your body to make room for the baby to turn.

Changing Lives From Day One

Once your beautiful baby has arrived, we can evaluate them for issues that have arisen during pregnancy and labor. About 50% of the newborns we see have no need for an adjustment. The ones that do require care can sleep better, reduce nursing difficulties, eliminate torticollis and many other issues that can result from spinal and cranial stress. We urge new moms to come in with their babies within a few weeks of delivery.

Keeping You and Baby Comfortable

The techniques used at our family health chiropractic office are specific, gentle and appropriate for expecting moms and newborns alike. We may modify our methods, such as positioning you with pregnancy pillows or cushions to accommodate your growing belly. For babies, we can perform the adjustment in different positions that feel natural for them. To find out more about pregnancy and pediatrics in Murrieta, contact our office today!


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