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The Vaccination Dilemma – Question All Parents Should Ask (Part 7)

The Vaccination Dilemma – Question All Parents Should Ask (Part 7)

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1. Are vaccinated children healthier than non-vaccinated children?
2. Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?
3. What are the real numbers of children being hurt?
4. Are vaccinations “effective”?
5. Are vaccine doses personalized?
6. Can vaccines cause damage that may not surface for years?
7. Can vaccines cause crib death (SIDS)?
8. Did vaccines eliminate diseases?
9. What if we stopped vaccinating?
10. How many people are really getting diseases?
11. What’s in a vaccine?
12. Are there benefits to acute illness?
13. What’s the difference between natural immunity and artificial immunity?

Is the dramatic increase in chronic illness such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, learning disorders, dyslexia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, skin conditions, diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, seizure disorders, Crohn’s Disease and cancer due to vaccination? For hundreds of years natural healers have warned us that symptoms serve a purpose; to expel toxins, to cleanse the body, to externalize disease. When we suppress symptoms such as fever, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, aches and pains with drugs and vaccines we are preventing the body from eliminating toxins. The result appears to be chronic or long-standing disease which we never get rid of – we’re always sick!

We are among the most vaccinated people in the world, and the sickest! A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that half of all Americans have at least one chronic disease. 1/5 of Americans have two or more chronic diseases. Chronic illnesses cause 70% of all deaths in our country! In order to understand how vaccines play a role in these statistics, let’s explore this next question…

14. How do vaccines cause damage?

Encephalitis = inflammation of the brain or brainstem.

Well be discussing what’s known as “post-encephalitic syndrome”. Dr. Harris Coulter, the medical historian, compiled extensive research on the mechanisms of vaccine damage and presented it in one of the greatest vaccination books ever written: Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality. Dr. Coulter reveals that many children who are vaccinated may seem fine, at first, but their brains are being silently damaged by a mild form of encephalitis, or, brain inflammation. In writing their first book, DPT: A Shot in the Dark, Fisher and Coulter were amazed to discover that about half the seriously vaccine-injured children they interviewed had little or no symptoms right after their shots. They seemed fine; they deteriorated afterwards.

It has been known for many decades that encephalitis and vaccination go together. This is from the Journal of the AMA in 1926! “It is impossible to deny a connection between vaccination and the encephalitis (brain damage) which follows it.” July 3, 1926; 45. In fact, researchers use part of the pertussis shot to cause encephalitis in experimental animals. Yet when a child gets encephalitis after a vaccination it’s considered a “coincidence”.

It must be kept in mind that encephalitis can be caused by a number of conditions such as a severe burn and childhood diseases. This is not a new condition but it’s always been very rare. In the 1920’s there were many cases of infectious encephalitis (encephalitis lethargica) and doctors found something very odd in those who recovered. They had many physical and emotional conditions and behaviors following their recovery; they were not quite the same as before. Dr. Coulter claims that this is happening today among millions of children getting vaccinated. The children are getting a mild, sub-clinical form of encephalitis followed by post-encephalitic syndrome – the physical and mental symptoms that follow this condition. Following is a list of those conditions that have been observed to occur after someone recovers from encephalitis…do these look familiar?

● Allergies and immune system abnormalities: food allergies (wheat and milk especially), arthritis, lupus, celiac disease, pernicious anemia.
● Anorexia and bulimia: “post-encephalitic obesity” or “pathological obesity”.
● Hyperactivity and attention span difficulties: perpetual urge to move about, often with excessive talkativeness; rarer: hypoactivity.
● Developmental delay; walking, talking, growth delay; bed-wetting; emotional or intellectual disabilities; “minimal brain damage”; stuttering; dyslexia; learning disabilities.
● Mental Retardation (from slight decline in intelligence to total idiocy); epilepsy and seizure disorders; infantile spasms; cerebral palsy and paralyses.
● Cranial nerve impairments: Ear, eye and vision problems, eyeball problems, hearing problems, tone deafness, otitis media, vocal and speech disorders.
● Respiratory problems: asthma and respiratory compromise
● Ego weakness, alienation, egotism
● Tourette’s Syndrome, facial tics, uncontrollable temper, impulsive rage and anger, uncontrollable violence, head banging, self-mutilation.

This is one of the most convincing arguments. As vaccination laws were passed between 1969 and 1975, conditions associated with post-encephalitic syndrome increased dramatically while those conditions not associated with post-encephalitic syndrome remained the same or dropped during that period.

From 1969-75 (as mass vaccinations increased) conditions associated with post-encephalitis increased: respiratory diseases 47%, asthma 65%, mental disorders 80%, behavioral disorders 300%, diseases of eyes and ears 120%, hearing loss 129%. Conditions not associated with vaccine damage – injuries, GI disorders, circulatory disorders, parasitic diseases and deformities – remained stationary or dropped.

Dr. Coulter writes: “A large proportion of the millions of U.S. children and adults suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia, and other… “developmental disabilities”, owe their disorders to…vaccines.” “Speak to special education teachers who have been around awhile and they’ll tell you that the numbers of children with learning and behavioral disorders began skyrocketing a few years after mass vaccination programs began. The cover story of the July 23, 2003 issue of Time magazine was “Overcoming Dyslexia”. The editors wrote: “Up to 1 in 5 kids may simply not be wired to read.” This is incredible! Suddenly we have a generation of ‘poorly wired’ children? What caused their brain wiring to be damaged? Was it the encephalitis or demyelination caused by vaccination? The authors interviewed medical doctors and scientists who have no idea why this is happening. Vaccination was not discussed in the article…

Next month I’ll be tackling the big one, the vaccination/autism connection. Stay tuned!

Dr. Donohoe is a family practice chiropractor who specializes in the unique needs of pregnant women and children. His office is located at 41880 Kalmia St., Suite 135 in Murrieta. He can be reached at 951-677-6500 or through his website at

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